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darthsmileyone [userpic]
by darthsmileyone (darthsmileyone)
at December 24th, 2007 (01:40 am)

Nursing supplies,
places to find good pumps etc.

serger, snap press
buckos of snaps in a variety of colors.

I'd like to have couches in the B&M store. and nurcing areas

we need to find out if these need some waiver or license to sell.
no problem with selling them but we would have to look at how much maybe talk to the lady in Lexington
see what she pays. were not a threat to her business five hours away

Happy Heiny
Knickernappie Disposanot
Mother's Touch
WAHM diapes

personalized mobies
personalized diapers
team sets
tux diapers
wedding diapers
formal wear
nursing shawls for winter
the rugs with the wholes cut in the middle
diaper bags
wet bags
accessory bags
pump bags that look normal
big girl maternity cloths

Naked time mats (Pul/fleece to lay baby on to air out) we can make these

burp cloths we can make these

Bibs we can make these two

longies/shorties/skirties/soakers these we may have to order

Learn to knit, make knit things in addition to crochet, takes less yarn!


specialized "hip" baby gear (Punk stuff, skulls and crossbones, stuff you can't find at walmart)


Cloth/wooden/Natural material toys pushing it but we may find it there are lots of toy makers around here

Board books? maybe

i think it would be good to make a lot of time for education. maybe if Tonya and
people inc would let you be part of that in teaching mothers the best or if not other options
maybe a safe place for learning. in these parts word of moth caries more weight than advertising
so we will need to get a few and get them hooked and talking
maybe the unwed mothers club something

darthsmileyone [userpic]
by darthsmileyone (darthsmileyone)
at December 24th, 2007 (12:39 am)

this is what we have discussed so far!
online store: wipes diapers pads shirts and some cloths maybe bumper stickers and help books.
stuff we will need to start. two sewing machines (ill learn) a searer a button press and and embroider. (anything else you can add to the list)

brick and mortal store: it needs to be a place of comfort and easy for a mommy and baby's to feel at ease. think the place in Lexington but less glass and stuff on lower shelfs. a nursing area and a play area.

Idea's to research if we can make local collage and pro teams stuff on the diapers. a lot of the legal mambo jumbo. a design to use for our diapers something to make them different from the other maybe talk to Erica and see if she would draw it out for us. the pads i hope don't have copyrights but we can fix something up and the wipes well there rags made pretty.

we would need to find cloth suppliers and surpluss sellers for most of our products. we can make a killing buying two hundred dollars worth of inserts at sames cutting them to size and using the outside stuff for wipes and pad inserts

i wanted to right this down so we could keep sending it and re editing it back and forth. this idea is and will be our dream. something we can be proud of and so can she.

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